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Important Projects

UltimediaVersionControl: uvc-tools
UltimediaOS MantisBT: ultimediaos-mantis-bt
PHPCentral: php-central
UForge: u-forge

Subversion Repositories

base Rev 1 737d 02h root
chmsee Rev 3 761d 12h Markus
contrib Rev 101 761d 17h mniewerth
d-i Rev 87 701d 01h mniewerth
debian-installer Rev 4 734d 21h mniewerth
debootstrap Rev 1 1105d 04h root
devel Rev 4 1104d 12h Markus
firefox Rev 2 1135d 00h root
iceweasel Rev 2 1134d 23h root
jdownloader Rev 2 1135d 00h root
kernel Rev 14 747d 15h mniewerth
libs Rev 26 1100d 22h root
pbuilder Rev 3 1104d 10h markus
pidgin Rev 2 1135d 00h root
pkg-a11y Rev 5 1127d 03h markus
pkg-alsa Rev 5 1128d 18h root
pkg-amule Rev 5 1100d 23h mniewerth
pkg-autogen Rev 2 851d 21h mniewerth
pkg-games Rev 2 1134d 23h root
pkg-gcc Rev 5 743d 03h mniewerth
pkg-gd Rev 4 1100d 21h root
pkg-glibc Rev 7 755d 01h mniewerth
pkg-gnome Rev 23 720d 12h mniewerth
pkg-graphviz Rev 4 1075d 11h root
pkg-hotplug Rev 3 1129d 00h root
pkg-java Rev 4 1034d 16h mniewerth
pkg-manager Rev 4 758d 18h mniewerth
pkg-multimedia Rev 2 1134d 23h root
pkg-mysql Rev 5 1105d 06h Markus
pkg-net Rev 5 1127d 01h markus
pkg-net-snmp Rev 3 793d 17h mniewerth
pkg-ntp Rev 4 852d 20h mniewerth
pkg-openoffice Rev 5 996d 08h mniewerth
pkg-perl Rev 13 1103d 21h mniewerth
pkg-php Rev 5 791d 07h Markus
pkg-python Rev 13 739d 12h mniewerth
pkg-qemu Rev 25 1124d 16h Markus
pkg-sdl Rev 7 1127d 15h markus
pkg-sys Rev 3 1128d 21h root
pkg-vsquare Rev 5 1127d 02h markus
pkg-xiph Rev 3 1127d 05h markus
pkg-xml-sgml Rev 10 1034d 17h mniewerth
sandbox Rev 134 719d 17h anonymous
ultimedia Rev 286 660d 18h Ultimedia
ultimedia-forge Rev 22 652d 08h mniewerth